Thursday, January 01, 2004

Does Signature need more space?

I'm not sure why this comes to mind, but I recently read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn--fantastic book btw--and without ruining the plot for any juniors are supposed to read the book over Christmas break for Ms. Gregg's class, it has this unique twist on environmentalism in it. Questions it bring up are, "Is the progress of humanity good for life on earth as a whole?" "Can humanity ever live at peace with nature?" and "Is a larger, more productive human population good by objective standards?"

Apply Ishmael to Signature, and I have questions. A large student population shows Sig's popularity, but is this popularity good for Sig? Will getting more space for students lead to a larger student population cap (currently 275)?

Growth for growth's sake is not inherently good. Unless that growth is the conversion of the Loft to a science center, hehe.