Tuesday, September 09, 2003

My speech departments' regular meetings

My apologies for all my random meetings so far. But here's the regular schedule for me now:

LD- Mondays
OO- Thursdays

Both of those meetings will be afterschool on the 4th floor. Monday's I may be in an officers' meeting for a few minutes, so bear with me. Thursdays for OO I may have Key Club for a few minutes afterschool. In that case, Ms. Helfrich is perfectly qualified to talk with you about OO, so chat down there. I can drive people home if they need a ride on those days. If you only do one event, you are welcome to stay for the other event's day if you want to wait til I am done with the primary event for that day. Oh, and I may hold a few small meetings during lunch for the focused LD/OOers.


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