Saturday, August 02, 2003

Whoa, is this the truth?

From The Associated Press: Aide: Saddam Did Get Rid of Iraq WMD:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A close aide to Saddam Hussein says the Iraqi dictator did in fact get rid of his weapons of mass destruction but deliberately kept the world guessing about it in an effort to divide the international community and stave off a U.S. invasion.

The strategy, which turned out to be a serious miscalculation, was designed to make the Iraqi dictator look strong in the eyes of the Arab world, while countries such as France and Russia were wary of joining an American-led attack. At the same time, Saddam retained the technical know-how and brain power to restart the programs at any time.

If this is the truth, some questions have to be asked of our intelligence agencies and political administration. How in the world did Saddam manage to trick the world into believe he possessed weapons of mass destruction? Why didn't Saddam just reveal evidence of the destruction of his weapons at the 11th hour to avert a US attack and to show up George W. Bush? Did any other countries know about Saddam's bluff?

If this indeed is the truth, we are faced with either the prospect that Saddam managed to totally fool our intelligence agencies or that our Administration acted decisively when it should have looked further into the Iraqi deceit. Saddam may have been an insane relic of the brinksmanship era that dominated the Cold War and the 90s. But that does not make it OK to go to war with Iraq. We should have known better.

Once again, we still don't know if this aide's story is the truth. We'll find out in a few years or so I suppose.


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