Thursday, August 07, 2003

my scheduling experience today at sig

I got my schedule done today. I helped pass out books today, but there weren't really that many people visiting the bookstore today.

My comments on the scheduling: the only major disagreement I have with the scheduling is that AP Physics was placed in the worst possible period (1st). Of the 8 people who wanted to take it, 5 take classes at USI in the morning. AP Physics could be shifted to 7th period, but then everyone besides me needs to take Comparative Politics that period (well, Elliot, because he is a Junior, could take it next year. And George and Samantha, who are not taking classes at USI, could take regular Gov/Econ 5th period.

However, the "3rd period every day Tuesday through Friday" idea isn't as illogical as I initially believed. Most people have their math class that period, and math class can seriously benefit from meeting more often.

And my bookload isn't too much. I don't have my Biochem book yet, but when I get that, I will only have 3 textbooks for Sig. So Mondays will be no prob. Of course, for the people taking AP Art Hx, lugging around that gigantic book may be hazardous. I mean, the book is so large that it has one of those built-in ribbon bookmarks. When a book has a built in bookmark, it must be unnaturally thick.

After I switch out of Sig Singers into Journalism and switch out of Multimedia to PE (don't ask), I will be happy with my schedule.


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