Saturday, August 23, 2003

interesting Garret Matthews column

Some forward-thinking high schools are changing the drill sergeant approach to PE class that many of us remember from our youth.

These schools provide a workout room that looks much like a health club. Boys and girls can select exercises they enjoy. A stair-stepping machine, maybe. Or the rowing machine. Or the stationary bicycle.

A portion of the room is set aside for weight training. Students can improve their muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness in the same session. I think this is great. We have learned that we can't command our young people to be fit. We need to make it fun.

I just finished reading a newspaper article about a Florida high school that takes personal-choice PE to the next level.

The Internet.

It's called online PE. Students work out several times a week, and report their progress on the Web.

Read the whole column. Internet PE? Give me a break! I'd take PE at the YMCA anyday, even if a mom has sued the Evansville YMCA


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