Friday, July 04, 2003


Fox News published a story on how a nine-member Senate fact-finding group returning from Iraq is divided:

Two Republicans said there was definitive evidence and details probably would be made public soon. But Democrats weren't so sure, saying the Republicans were trying to shift the focus from proving that deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had weapons to proving he was developing them.

Well, at least there seems to be a bipartisan consensus that Saddam had a WMD program. That's more than what the public was given in the build-up to war. Then again, is this too little, too late to restore US international reputation?

If it took this long to reveal incriminating evidence against Iraq, that means President Bush was not aware of this evidence during the build-up to war for the past half year. Yet he still pushed for war, claiming that Iraq had huge stores of weapons of mass destruction. Bush abused his credibility as President of the United States to launch a "just" war on Iraq!


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