Friday, July 11, 2003

reformated links

And I added a new link: Ryan Reynolds's blog. Who is Ryan Reynolds? He's a writer for the Evansville Courier and Press. Apparently, he is Garet Matthews's protege.

Let me repeat that. Apparently, he is Garet Matthews's protege.

Yes, the same Garet Matthews who guest-critiques our creative writing class. And while some of you may avoid Mr. Matthew's critiques, Ryan Reynolds is definitely enjoyable to read. He is an active blogger, and writes columns that are more pertinent to our generation. For proof that he blogs insatiably, check out his blog (linked above). For proof that he writes with a "hip" style (I use that phrase very tentatively, not quite sure what it means myself), read his article in the Courier and Press:

I'm a sucker for charity car washes, so when I spied four young people camped out in the parking lot of the Rosenberger Avenue Burger King on Saturday, I stopped for a quick auto scrub.

"What group are you guys raising money for?" I asked, because you can never be too careful whom you give money to in this age of scammers, flim-flam men and corporate attorneys.

A stout young man in a gray T-shirt gave me a shocking answer.

"The College Republicans."

Come again?

Actually, my answer was this: "Jeeeeeeeez. Wouldn't you guys be more comfortable caddying for tips at a country club?"

Is this guy awesome or what? Good luck to Mr. Reynolds as he travels along the journalism/blogging path.


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