Friday, July 11, 2003

Recent Google queries that have lead to SM

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- AP Calc scores
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- when receive AP scores July
- duct tape flip-flops

So for all of you students out there anxiously waiting for your scores and Googling to find out when they are mailed back, I think you'll be relieved to find out the answer is: no one knows when exactly they are mailed back. The College Board says on its site that AP scores are sent back during July. That could mean the beginning. Or that could mean the end. But if you don't have your scores by August 15, it's a good idea to call up AP Servies (1-888-CALL-4-AP).

If a kind soul reads this post and feels sorry for me, I'd really appreciate it if you would pay to find out my AP scores by phone. My AP number was 11543227 and I was born July 7, 1986. As the AP booklet puts it:

Your AP grades are available early by phone!
Students in the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada may call 888 308-0013 toll free beginning July 1. This automated grad-reporting service is just $15 per call

Almost all AP Grade Reports are released by mid-July whether you take advantage of this service or not.

Oh, and I'm still willing to sell duct tape flipflops. $10 a pair.


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