Wednesday, July 09, 2003

more sig school blogs and new trier high school

A search on Google for Signature School blogs returned,,, and

I don't know any of these people really well, so I'm not sure if I should link to them. Not that I don't trust them, but that they may not want the exposure of a permanent link on Signature Monitor. If these people keep good tabs of their blogs, however, they should track their referers and find this post, and if they don't mind a link to their site, they'll just leave a message on the chatterbox saying so.

Also, that Google search found an old article from the Hoosier Review. Paul Musgrave wrote, "Don't mess with Evansville. We have Signature School, soon to be the New Trier of the Ohio Valley." Paul is a Wells Scholar at IU, so he knows what he's talking about. I didn't, however. I had no idea what New Trier was, though the name sounded familiar...perhaps it was a big debate school, not sure.

Anyhow, I looked up info on New Trier High School (which I found was based in Illinois, I suspect Chicago area), and they are pretty amazing. They have a separate "campus" for freshman away from the sophomores and upperclassmen. The average teacher salary is $75,480. Wow, if anyone wants to be a teacher, go to New Trier. New Trier spent $14mil on construction alone in 2000-01. That's more than the $10mil budget cuts the whole EVSC passed this year.

Their standardized test scores are phenomenal. They averaged significantly higher than the rest of Illinois on all sections of the ACT. On the Prairie State Achievement Exam (equivalent to Indiana's ISTEP, but only administered to 11th graders), New Trier simply dominated the rest of the state in all categories (interestingly, the PSAE has the same topics as the ACT).

New Trier High School has an online newspaper at

But hey, maybe Paul Musgrave is right. Signature School is developing the separate Loft into a science campus (not sure when that will start, let alone finish, though). Signature School has accomplished the (to my knowledge) unprecedented feat of a 100% ISTEP passing rate. We will give the EVSC and the rest of Indiana a wakeup call with our AP testing scores: just because we live in Indiana does not mean we deserve mediocre education.

And of course, sig school has a website. This, and several more, listed at the top of this post and on the sidemenu.


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