Saturday, July 12, 2003

interesting EVSC budget relief proposal

From the Evansville Courier and Press, "Candidate ties school aid to cuts":

A candidate for Evansville City Council says the city should support local schools, but only if the school system cuts administrative salaries and eliminates an assistant superintendent.

E.L. Walters, a Republican challenging incumbent Councilman Steve Bagbey, D-2nd Ward, called for the city to make a one-time donation to the Public Education Foundation of Evansville. The nonprofit foundation raises money for some Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp. programs.

Walters said the donation would be contingent on EVSC Superintendent Bart McCandless agreeing to a 10 percent cut in salary and giving up use of a leased vehicle. One of three assistant superintendent positions would be eliminated, and salaries of the remaining two positions would be sliced 10 percent.

Now, I have no put a lot of research into the salaries and benefits of the EVSC's top administrative positions, but I do suspect they are bloated (the superintendent is supplied with a corporation payed for courtesy of the EVSC and the taxpayers). This proposal should be debated seriously.

Admittedly, more funding for the EVSC is a questionable cause, as the funding referendum earlier this year got squashed by a large majority of votes by Vanderburg citizens. However, the referendum for higher property tax was guaranteed to have an immediate financial cost. This proposal will actually save money by reducing the excess expenditure of the EVSC...and perhaps place the public back in control of the EVSC. This proposal deserves to undergo referendum.


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