Saturday, July 12, 2003

[insert cheesy title here]

The Evansville Courier and Press reports (I am not making this up) Something fishy in Evansville:

EVANSVILLE (AP) -- Indiana's largest river city is going fishy, with six-foot tall fish statues arriving downtown as part of a fund-raiser for the United Way of Southwestern Indiana.

"We did a survey of the public of what they would like to see and fish came up the winner," said Carol Braden-Clarke, the United Way's executive director. "We felt it was an appropriate choice with Evansville being on the river."

The fish already have chees....I mean catchy names such as "Arti-fish-al Tourist," "Bubbles," "Catch of the Day," "Leonardo Da Fishi," and (Cari will appreciate this) "Tuna in a TuTu."

Personally, I think I enjoyed the carousel horses more than I'll enjoy the fish. Unless you can ride these. Anyhow, the Downtown environment is definitely more visually pleasing than Reitz and its "Link." Central has a decent building though.


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