Saturday, July 12, 2003

AP scores spoiler!

So I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean (which casts Natalie Portman's twin) and walking out, I saw Mr. Thread! We talked a little, and apparently Mr. Thread was faxed a copy of Sig's AP scores! When he found out I did not know my scores, he spoiled some of them for me. So these are the things he said.

- there are about 8 5s in the AP Calculus class
- I have a 5s in Chemistry, Calculus, and Comp Sci for sure
- I have a 5 or 4 in English Language and Composition
- I may have gotten straight 5s (in all the classes listed above, plus Comparative Politics)

I'm not entirely sure of the veracity of my scores...Mr. Thread could just be playing a twisted joke, it just seems weird that he'd know most of my scores. But I'm pretty sure he wasn't joking about the AP Calc class, so yay for that, Ms. Hughes is one of the best math teachers I've ever had (up there with Mr. Weinzapfel, the pimp).

But I guess my official scores for all my tests will arrive this week. Apparently Sig received the school report yesterday.


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