Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Beamish Museum

Went on a trip out with family & friends today to a living museum in Beamish in the North-East of England (that's near where Billy Elliot was set).

Here's the pics:

Ye oldie worldie bog

Ye oldie worldie bus

Ye olide Wordie Dentise Bench

The below ham would be hung up like this for 7 years before it was ready for eating. Can you believe that? Well it's true!

Here's a proper old English manor house. It's all done in period still inside and out. Crackin'

Here's a coal mine that we went down. They used to take ponies down aged 4 to pull the carts around and the pony would stay there until it died about 25 years later

Here's the village school:

...with very small chairs

ye oldie worldie train

ye oldie worldie tram

This is the highest point of any motorway in England. Yee-hargh!!



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