Sunday, August 29, 2004

Big Spider in the Sink

Gaz was washing up the pots and found a big old spider. Here it is:

Gross!! That's a UK 5p

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

How Many Pianos Can you fit in 1 house?

Here's 5 pianos in my uncle's house. He's got 3 more in the next room and another 2 due for delivery today!!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Playstation 2 Grand Turismo

So I spent 7 hours on my backside in my brother and wife's house today. I was showing them their wedding video which I filmed and then I ended playing the PS2 for about 2 hours. Here's the young man who kept wiping the floor with me on Gran Turismo.

End Transmission

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Shopping For Blinds

Picture says it all. We went shopping for blinds:

And then we saw something stupid. It was a security camera about a million miles up in the air but it still had barbed wire around it as if someone was going to tamper with it!!

Dad's Golf Invention

Dad made an invention for golfers.
You tie 2 plastic toy golf balls together with fishing wire (about 10ft long). Then you can smack 1 ball but it doesn't go very far because the other ball holds it back. So you can practise a full power swing in your back garden

Friday, August 20, 2004

Gazebo Blows Away

It's British Summertime
Our Gazebo blew away it's now been dismantled

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Pool Competition Wakefield

Entered a pool comp.
I got beat (as usualy) and was knocked out of first round.
This guy beat me and ended up coming 2nd

Winner got £25, 2nd place got £20

Beamish Museum

Went on a trip out with family & friends today to a living museum in Beamish in the North-East of England (that's near where Billy Elliot was set).

Here's the pics:

Ye oldie worldie bog

Ye oldie worldie bus

Ye olide Wordie Dentise Bench

The below ham would be hung up like this for 7 years before it was ready for eating. Can you believe that? Well it's true!

Here's a proper old English manor house. It's all done in period still inside and out. Crackin'

Here's a coal mine that we went down. They used to take ponies down aged 4 to pull the carts around and the pony would stay there until it died about 25 years later

Here's the village school:

...with very small chairs

ye oldie worldie train

ye oldie worldie tram

This is the highest point of any motorway in England. Yee-hargh!!


Monday, August 16, 2004

Sophie and Hannah Visit

Anne has galavanted off to Scotland with Paul for their honeymoon which leaves Anne's 3 kids parentless for a week. Becky and James are fending for themselves at the house whilst Hannah and Sophie are stopping at my mum and dads for a week.

Here they are unwinding after a busy day at the wedding:

Party / Gatecrash Hullaballoo

I got home from the wedding to find that I couldn't fit my car on my drive. I still haven't worked out why but it seemed like there were several million cars parked on my drive. So I parked around the corner instead.

There was a bit of a gathering going on. Some people I knew, some people I didn't. Here's one guy that was a bit drunk and fell asleep whilst waiting for his taxi

It's a jolly holiday with Mary

Friday, August 13, 2004

Paul Chosing Wedding Music

Brother Paul gets married tomorrow. Here he is sorting out what songs are going to be played at the reception dinner:

Then the bride rung, clicked her fingers, and told of how she's put too much fake tan on and now looks like a "black woman"


Empty Greek Beaches

My girlfriend just got back from her holiday in Greece with my sister. They went for a week and their accomodation was "allocated on arrival". They were hoping for a nice quiet resort but they instead got posted to an 18-30s resort.

The photo below shows the beach at 1pm. You'd expect it to be packed at this time wouldn't you but seeing as no-one goes to bed until about 5am, no-one goes on the beach until late afternoon:

That is all