Friday, July 30, 2004

Girl Dirt Jumpers Rock!!!!

So whilst we were snowboarding down grass hills on this fine summer's day (see other story from today) we got chatting to some kids on bikes who were messing about with dirt jumps. Turns out the girls are awesome dirt jumpers with no fear. The girl in the photo below had really great bike control and was getting some wicked air:

That photo doesn't do her justice, she was really going fast, high and far. The girl in the background with the blue t-shirt was also a proper gnarly rider and she did some good jumps and a really awesome crash too. I caught the crash on my video camera so maybe I'll add that video to this site at some point but I can't do it yet because I can't be bothered editing the video. Here's a photo of the view that you get before you set off down to the ramps. I built those ramps myself about 5 years ago and since then the other local riders have been maintaining & improving them. KEEP BUILDING THOSE RAMPS KIDS!!!


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