Saturday, July 31, 2004

Brother Paul's Stag Party

So today was Stag Party day for my brother, Paul. 11.30am meet at the church carpark and then onto the go-karting place up Manchester:

The Main Event
A test of your stamina, car control, and most importantly... your manhood - Go-Kart racing is the ultimate test. 32 drivers, about 10 marshalls and the only woman in sight was serving food in the cafe - testosterone all over the place!!!

Each driver gets 5 heats and you then add up your points and the fastest 6 go into the grand final. After the heats were over I was the points champion (!!!!) winning 3 of my races and coming 2nd twice. I am awesome, it is official.

I actually came 2nd in the grand final because I got a really really bad car. Bob came a respectable 3rd place and my dad came 5th. We pretended that Paul won because it was "his day" so here we are on the podium:

And then it was off to play some pool in the Oldham American pool hall. Loads of fun. Here are the final 4 people that ended up staying (the geezers all went off to the clubs to kill some brain cells):

And here's the groom with his weapon of choice:

...and here are his stag shoes:


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