Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bin Lie Down Cat

I went out this morning to somewhere that I've forgotten now and as I got out of my car I saw the cat trotting over towards me. By now, I've worked out that it waits for me to come home and then it goes and sits on my car. So I took a photo of it on it's way to my car:

It disappeared around the front of the car and then a moment later it appeared on my bonnet.

So then I wandered back over to my car and took a nice photo of the tresspasser:

Doesn't it look nice?

So anyway, a short while later I had to go out so I started the engine and the cat jumped off the bonnet and scurried away. Then when I came back home a couple of hours later, the cat had decided to use my wheelie bin instead of my car:

Ain't that cute?
I was going to come up with some lame joke/pun along the lines of "cat bin lie down" which is supposed to sound like Bin Laden but I can't be bothered thinking so forget about that one.


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