Saturday, July 31, 2004

Brother Paul's Stag Party

So today was Stag Party day for my brother, Paul. 11.30am meet at the church carpark and then onto the go-karting place up Manchester:

The Main Event
A test of your stamina, car control, and most importantly... your manhood - Go-Kart racing is the ultimate test. 32 drivers, about 10 marshalls and the only woman in sight was serving food in the cafe - testosterone all over the place!!!

Each driver gets 5 heats and you then add up your points and the fastest 6 go into the grand final. After the heats were over I was the points champion (!!!!) winning 3 of my races and coming 2nd twice. I am awesome, it is official.

I actually came 2nd in the grand final because I got a really really bad car. Bob came a respectable 3rd place and my dad came 5th. We pretended that Paul won because it was "his day" so here we are on the podium:

And then it was off to play some pool in the Oldham American pool hall. Loads of fun. Here are the final 4 people that ended up staying (the geezers all went off to the clubs to kill some brain cells):

And here's the groom with his weapon of choice:

...and here are his stag shoes:

Asda Mania

So it's 1am and I fancy a trip to ASDA (big supermarket owned by WALMART) so we nip out through the busy bustling partying streets of Rochdale on a Friday night to go get some grub:

Shopping = Much hilarity.
Then we had a game of "who-can-get-the-best-secret-shot-of-the-cashier-woman". Here is my entry below:

Gaz took a couple using his cameraphone so I'll try and post his competition photo ASAP.... even though I think it's pretty obvious that I must have won.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Noisy Neighbours on Motorbike

We have noisy neighbours, but I quite like it like that because it makes it easier to mingle with them and our other neighbours. There's nothing worse than a whole street that never speaks to it's neighbours. Our street is fun.

Here's Martin (2 doors down) trying to kick start a motorbike. He got it started and went round the block (about 1/2 mile) but then stalled at the end of our road and had to push it back.

I was dieing to have a go on the bike, it's been years since I've ridden a motorbike and there's nothing quite like it

Food at Liz's House - Lamb Chops

Liz is looking after her friend's house whilst they are away on holiday so she invited us round for tea (or dinner if you are a american or a posh brit). She made us a nice dish of mash, vegetables and lamb chops. Then we sat around chatting about nothing much and I kept yelping with pain due to my painful snowboarding-on-grass crash earlier today (see other story from today):

The house is VERY nice. HUGE rooms and WIDE corridors and a BIG garden. Awesome.

Girl Dirt Jumpers Rock!!!!

So whilst we were snowboarding down grass hills on this fine summer's day (see other story from today) we got chatting to some kids on bikes who were messing about with dirt jumps. Turns out the girls are awesome dirt jumpers with no fear. The girl in the photo below had really great bike control and was getting some wicked air:

That photo doesn't do her justice, she was really going fast, high and far. The girl in the background with the blue t-shirt was also a proper gnarly rider and she did some good jumps and a really awesome crash too. I caught the crash on my video camera so maybe I'll add that video to this site at some point but I can't do it yet because I can't be bothered editing the video. Here's a photo of the view that you get before you set off down to the ramps. I built those ramps myself about 5 years ago and since then the other local riders have been maintaining & improving them. KEEP BUILDING THOSE RAMPS KIDS!!!

Gaz on the Piste

Here's Gaz on the piste today:

The truth is, he isn't really on the piste. We just went to the local park where the grass is green and the temperature is hot & muggy. We were looking for steep grass hills to snowboard down. We did find one but we just ended up killing ourselves over and over. My knee is really wrecking and I'm going go-karting tomorrow with a million other people. It's gonna hurt bad.

Gaz Breaks his arm

So yeah, Gaz broke his arm (not really) so I just had to take a photo of it. Isn't this just a great photo? I'm loving the shadow effect that I recently learnt how to do:

Awesome shadow

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Packet of Wotsit Crisps

Yikes, these stories just get more and more boring. Here's a photo of the foam stuff that was used to package my exciting parcel

And yes, you guessed it, here is the photo of the parcel contents.

It's a piano action thingy - the gadget that is attached to every single key on a grand piano. There 88 of these things in every piano!!

The Cat Sat On The Mat

Oh yes it did. It really did. It really certainly did indeed.
This photo was taken at about 2am when I nipped out to the wheelie bin. I opened the door and the ginger cat ran across the road with evil intentions.

Here's the evidence:

Gaz b&w Compy-Ooter

Here be Gaz on the comp-ee-yooter
He's making flash movies and stuff and he's progressing rather well actually. Maybe I'll post some of his cartoons from time to time

Home For Tea

Went home to mum's house for tea where I found my old wee buddies Sophie & Hannah who were visiting for tea. At one point we were talking Big Brown Pianos and when we said "big brown" that was enough to get sophie laughing. She's only 12 and thinks poo is really funny:

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Jobe Album Preview and Off to Pub

So I gatecrashed the listening party of Jobe's debut album. They spent a month in Wales recording it. Here's a pic of the listening session

...and then it was off to a pub to meet a new person

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Gaz Hat

Check out that shadow!!
Me and PSP7 make a great team. That's Gaz ready to go out for Chinese food before popping up Manchester to catch some Jazz.

Uncle Ronnie Chaos

My uncle currently has 8 pianos in his house (6 grands, 2 uprights) and he lives in a double-terraced-cottage so there's never much room to move around. This photo is of his living room. It's kinda cramped but if he could find a way to store all of his bits & bobs it wouldn't be so bad really.

And here's his back room:

There's 3 grand pianos on their side over to the right (they don't fit stood up as they should be)

more later...

Bin Lie Down Cat

I went out this morning to somewhere that I've forgotten now and as I got out of my car I saw the cat trotting over towards me. By now, I've worked out that it waits for me to come home and then it goes and sits on my car. So I took a photo of it on it's way to my car:

It disappeared around the front of the car and then a moment later it appeared on my bonnet.

So then I wandered back over to my car and took a nice photo of the tresspasser:

Doesn't it look nice?

So anyway, a short while later I had to go out so I started the engine and the cat jumped off the bonnet and scurried away. Then when I came back home a couple of hours later, the cat had decided to use my wheelie bin instead of my car:

Ain't that cute?
I was going to come up with some lame joke/pun along the lines of "cat bin lie down" which is supposed to sound like Bin Laden but I can't be bothered thinking so forget about that one.

Rent Money Arrived

With every month being a continual struggle to generate my rent money I was chuffed when I checked my bank this morning to discover that 2 payments of about £100 had just arrived from PayPal (which I'd forgotten all about).

That should keep the monkeys off my back for another month

Monday, July 26, 2004

Cold Cat on a Tin Car

And here we have evidence.
Next door's tabby cat couldn't resist the warm, welcoming bonnet of my Citroen AX Deluxe.

Incidentally, my car used to go quite fast but it developed a kind of leak in the engine which stole the acceleration occasionally. Within a few months, the leak seemed to have grown so that the car could no longer accelerate fast at all. It was as if the engine had gone from a 1.1Ltr to an 800cc!!

Cats on Cars

I just moved into a new house and I have a black car. In the sun my car gets pretty hot because of it's black bodywork and this has meant that next door's cat has got into the habit of using my car as a sunbed.

Sometimes it sits on the roof, other times on the bonnet and sometimes it sits on random piles of carpet that we throw away. I don't really mind, even though it is probably making little scratches on the paintwork but I must remember that if I ever get a new car I must try and not get a black one.

So it's official.... white cars (and carpets) keep cats away. Remember that on your journey through life