Thursday, June 26, 2003

review of Downtown restaurants: from a downtown cuisine connoussiour
Signature School students are given the option of eating at one of six downtown restaurants or a coffee shop for lunch every day (listed in order of distance from Sig): The Pressbox, Blimpies, Milanos, Lics, Stratmans, Angelos, and Emges. Here's my review:

The Pressbox- typical coffee shop, similar to Penny Lane
Food quality: unknown (I have not eaten there yet)
Food to try: try whatever, and tell me what you think!
Price: expensive
Location: Right across Main Street from Sig

Blimpies- subs and soups, similar to Subway
Food quality: good, more meat (or at least it seems that way) than Subway
Food to try: Gyro with extra tzatziki sauce (yes, that is how you spell it. You can just ask for the "ziggy sauce" however, and they'll understand)
Price: more expensive than Subway, but it also has a food stamp card (buy 10 6" subs over time, get one 6" free). And they accept Visa
Location: Right across Main Street from the Loft

Milanos- Italian food (lasagna, pastas, calzones, salads, pizza)
Food quality: Great! Better than Fazoli's by far
Food to try: Chicken carbonara
Price: relatively cheap for good Italian food. And a full pizza costs only $9 and will fill four people. And they accept Visa
Location: and the opposite end of the block from Blimpies

Lics- general sandwiches and ice cream; sexy, crazy Kensington works there
Food quality: good
Food to try: Pepperoni pizza wrap and Choco-Creams
Price: OK, though the kiddie cone ice cream is $1...
Location: around the corner past Milanos. Watch out, that street can be very very windy and cold during the school year

Stratmans- sandwiches and a lunchline in the cafeteria. They also sell Cokes and candy in the store department
Food quality: nice home-style meals
Food to try: club sandwich, whatever is in the lunchline, or Lemon Heads
Price: About the same as non-pizza food at Milanos (which is the benchmark for downtown restaurants, by the way), but students and senior citizens get a discount. Like Blimpies, they have a card-stamping program for free food. And they accept Visa
Location: across from the park off of Main Street

Angelos- Italian food, selection is similar to Milanos
Food quality: I've only had the pizza, which is better than Milanos pizza
Food to try: something
Price: the pizza is much more expensive than at Milanos. I believe the other dishes are similar in price to their Milanos counterparts. And they accept Visa
Location: Way down Main Street from Sig

Emges- Sandwiches and ice cream
Food quality: Ok food. Good ice cream, though not as high quality as Lics
Food to try: Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and sprinkles, in a cup
Price: much more resonable than Lics ice cream prices
Location: Way, way, way down Main Street from Sig


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