Sunday, March 09, 2003

Speech Sectionals Results

I don't have full results, so please excuse me if I leave anyone off or get any rankings wrong. Here are results as best as I can remember them. I'm posting Reitz scores too, because our goal was to take the sectional championship away from Reitz.

2nd- Sarah Waninger (r)
3rd- Sibo Lin
4th- Ashley Frary
5th- Phuc Nguyen

2nd- Sibo Lin
6th- Sarah Waninger (r)
alt- Sarah Schulteis
alt- Katherine Beyers

1st- Amy Reitz
2nd- Melody Berry (r)
3rd- Ashley Burgdorf (r)
alt- Yabtsega "sega" Moges

1st- Matt Hollander (r)
3rd- Nirav Shah
6th- Emilie Wasserman

1st- Adam Burgdorf (r)
2nd- Tara Zuber

1st- Aaron Henze (r)
2nd- Phuc Nguyen
3rd- Kate Schoenberger (r)
4th- Katie Dausman (r)
alt- Lisa White
alt- Will Craven

1st- Sara Hertweck (r)
3rd- Kensington Blaylock
4th- Aaron Henze (r)
7th- Brad Burkhardt (r)
semi- Emily Fleetwood

2nd- Joe Walz (r)
4th- Kensington Blaylock
5th- Ashley Frary

1st- Emily Nejad
2nd- Kate Schoenberger (r)
3rd- Katie Dausman (r)
4th- Sara Hertweck (r)
6th- Katherine Beyers
alt- Lisa White

Scripted Duo
4th- Elliot Thornton/Ben Gibson
6th- Rob Russell/Amanda Niehaus

Memorized Duo
1st- Cole Horton/Brad Burkhardt (r)
2nd- Emily Nejad/Cari Tuna
6th- Niemeier/Deig (r)

2nd- Chrissi Gentry
5th- Breanna Herschelman (r)
7th- Jessica Luyre
alt- Shanky Surana

3rd- Nick Basham (r)

So, pretty close huh? In the end, Reitz remained victorious, 116 - 103. But Signature did get a commanding second place over perennial runner-up Mater Dei.

A big reason for the closeness of the matchup was the new talent. Phuc whipped out his OO for the first time locally, Sarah did an OI for the first time ever, Katherine did an OI for the first time for this year and is likely to advance to state, Tara managed to keep Adam in check, Kensington double-finaled in HI and Prose, Emily Nejad WON DI (amazing for a novice), and she and Cari held down memorized duo, Elliot/Ben did awesome for just one week of heavy prep, and Rob/Amanda did well for their limited prep too.

If next year we can get some more new talent in, and we force Rachel to compete at sectionals, we have a real shot at taking Sectionals.


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