Friday, March 28, 2003

right, and Quaker doesn't like Oats...

PARIS - France's government angrily insisted on Friday that it hopes U.S.-led forces win the war in Iraq, signaling fear in Paris that its image as an untrustworthy friend could seriously damage long-term relations with Washington.

Villepin began his speech in London by calling for "a renewed close and trusting friendship with the United States." But later, he said U.S. policy risks leading to instability and uncertainty.

When a reporter asked him after the speech if he wanted the U.S.-led forces to win the war, he did not say "yes." Instead, he refused to answer, admonished reporters for not listening carefully and referred them to earlier remarks. (full text)

More likely than not, France is trying to suck up to the US to get some Iraqi reconstruction contracts. The above article also notes:

Just last week, French President Jacques Chirac said France would veto any U.N. resolution letting "the belligerents" run Iraq after the war. And Villepin is going on a tour of European capitals next week — Berlin, Moscow, Rome and Madrid — to discuss Iraq.

food for thought.


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