Monday, March 31, 2003

more on the referendum

Stunning: The Evansville Courier and Press has a very articulate editorial on the whole referendum mess: The issue: April 8 vote is probably off. Our view: Issues of school governance remain.

The school system has a recent history marked by poor stewardship of taxpayers' resources, in spite of annual budget cuts totaling more than $15 million - about 11 percent of the operating budget - over the last couple of years.

I highly recommend reading the above article in its entirety. Unfortunately, the ECAP does not archive its stories online, so for archival purposes, or for those of you too lazy to read the full story, the summary is that the EVSC deserves more funds to work with. However, the EVSC has not been frugal in its spending. Expensive buyout packages have benefited many retiring teachers and administrators, but are not hurting the EVSC to the tune of $5 million. School Board keeps its high-end health insurance but cuts lower-level employees' insurance. ECAP suggests that all the School Board members be voted off at the next possible chance--if no one returns to office, then no one has incentive for personal gain through the board position.

That's a sound plan. After all, those School Board members have such a stressful job, having to make crucial budget decisions and all. Why not relieve their stress?


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