Sunday, February 09, 2003


Signature's Speech team, through illness and conflicts with jobs, was forced to take a small team of 10 contestants to SWIFA. But Signature managed to place 3rd! Reitz and Mater Dei were neck and neck for first place, but Reitz came out on top.

Individual Results:

Rachel Goldman- 2nd

Rachel Goldman- 1st
Sibo Lin- 3rd

Amy Reitz- 2nd

Emilie Wasserman- 3rd

Sibo Lin- 1st
Ashley Frary- 3rd

Duo (Scripted):
Lisa White/Phuc Nguyen- 7th

If Sig ever manages to get a full team, we could challange Reitz and Mater Dei! As of right now, Mater Dei is winning points mostly through mere numbers--they stack their contestants into all the double-enterable events, and just place through lack of numbers from Reitz, the former "forensics hegemon." Reitz may be cutting it close, but they are winning through quality over quantity. Reitz had 19 places; Mater Dei had 22.

In honorable mentions, North High School placed 4th. They stacked the less crowded events (FX, DX, discussion, impromptu), and their numbers prevailed there. Mike Hassel also managed to pull a major upset in FX and beat out Melody Berry and Amy Reitz.


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