Saturday, February 22, 2003

Reitz Speech Invitational

Signature actually had a full team at this meet, with the exception that due to duo doubling restrictions, Phuc could not do Poetry and Amy was out of town giving her state Rotary Club speech--which she got third and won $50!

But anyway, with a full team Sig had a decent showing--with some former Reitz speechies coming out of retirement and some novi stepping it up, Sig did pretty well. Here are the results:

2nd- Katherine Beyers

6th- Rachel Goldman

3rd- Rachel Goldman
5th- Will Craven

1st- Sibo Lin

1st- Sibo Lin
6th- Ashley Frary

2nd- Tara Zuber
4th- Katherin Boarman

3rd- Nirav Shah
4th- Emilie Wasserman

2nd- Chrissi Gentry

Scripted Duo:
6th- Lisa White/Phuc Nguyen

Interesting notes: There was an error is calculating OO. The "3rd" place orator actually was last place. So Ashley Frary placed 5th, really. There were only two contestants in FX. Kate Schoenberger won the Individual Sweeps award. Mater Dei won the Hawkins traveling trophy. For just this year, Reitz earned 119 points, Mater Dei earned 85, and Sig came in third with 72.

Speech sectionals is March 8th. We still need contestants in DI, HI, FX, DX, Radio, Discussion, and Duo. PLEASE PLEASE IM me (AIM: seebol) and ask about these events if you can compete! I don't care if you've had no previous experience, we have two weeks to whip you into shape!


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