Sunday, February 16, 2003

bad bad weather

I was at Barnes, studying some Calculus, minding my own business, when my stomach told me to go get some food. I had drank one of Phuc's mom's free Boosts for "dinner" since I had a late lunch. But now I was hungry.

So I walk out of Barnes and notice that the ground is covered in snow. Wow, quick snowfall, and its still snowing. snowing....hail/sleeting. I decided to skip the Subway and go straight home, because I hate driving in bad conditions, and conditions were only going to get worse.

The drive home took me 40 minutes.

The police shut down the majority of the Lloyd because it was too slick. I had to take backroads until I got to St. Joseph Ave. Insane.

ElliotoGozoto: jeez...why doesn't this happen when we have school


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