Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I thought we've been through this...

Yeah I already discussed it. But EVSC superintendent Bart McCandless did it again.

About 130 people came to Monday night's informational meeting, a repeat of Thursday's program at Harrison High School.

The message was the same: Anything not required by the state is on the chopping block.

Whatever is decided, Superintendent Bart McCandless said, "It will not be popular. It may be your favorite program; it may be your favorite activity; it may be your favorite person."

After the basic presentation of how the budget crisis erupted (shortfall in expected state money, more programs offered than the state requires), people in the audience asked questions.

"Did the Signature Charter School cost the school corporation $1.2 million?" asked one person.

Yes, McCandless said. That's how the law is written. The money it received is the same per student as what EVSC receives.

But, he quickly added, Signature also is getting the same cuts per-student as EVSC.

"Their funding is not adequate for what they want to do, either," McCandless said. "We are both hurting." Full Text

Please stop trying to blame Sig for the EVSC's problems, please. But this story has deeper implications...

If $5.5m are going to be cut from the EVSC's budget, there will likely be a torrent of new enrollment. Signature could be jammed with new faces next school year. If anyone out there plans on attending Sig next year *cough*cough*youknowwhoyouare*cough*cough* they should apply ASAP to ensure that they get accepted.

You know, I find myself not really wanting an uncontrolled influx of new students next year. No more EVSC malcontents, please. But then again, that policy sounds chillling similar to Pat Buchanan's "Mexicans and Asians are stealing our jobs!" spiel. I dunno.


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