Sunday, January 19, 2003

Good Stuff

So earlier today I decided I had nothing to why not boost my English grade to astronomical proportions through extra credit so that I can have nothing to do later in the school year?

Reading "The Once and Future King" (T.H. White) exempts me from doing a major grade project and attending Signature's "A Thurber Carnival" gives me a +0.75 bonus percentage on my grade.

So after I bought "The Once and Future King" at Barnes and read a little's a really good book! Not just because it'll help my grade!!! So at 7:00 when I realized I had to go to USI to watch "A Thurber Carnival", I was hesitant. But now, I'm glad I saw the play.

ATC was fresh and kept me wide awake the whole time, something no other play has achieved since when I actually performed in a Chinese play on Chinese New Years in 4th grade or so. One of the skits that really stands out in my mind is Josh/Rachel/Kensington's TV Veterinarian scene--those of you who've seen ATC know what I'm talking about. Those of you who didn't, you guys missed out.

All the actors and actresses were phenomenal--some plays have a few lead roles where stars really shine--but Sig's ATC had countless good actors. Lisa White, Josh Crouch, and Emily Nejad really stand out in my mind. Congrats to all the cast and crew.

Anyway, after a great play, I'm back home, and restarting The Once and Future King. Sure, I've blown my English grade into orbit already--but if I get recommended more extra credit activities, I'll be sure to look into them, just for the enjoyment.


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