Saturday, January 25, 2003

EVSC/Signature FAQ

Several people have found Signature Monitor through searching on Google for "EVSC teacher salaries," "EVSC budget," etc. In hopes of providing sought information, here is an unofficial FAQ on Signature School and its relationship to the EVSC:

  1. Is Sig a school for the gifted and talented?
  2. No, anyone is allowed to attend Signature School. The devoted teachers take it upon themselves to teach you how to learn, so even if you enter Sig academically behind, you'll graduate a better student.

  3. I heard the classes are difficult. Won't my grades drop if I go to Sig?
  4. If you don't put some effort into studying and you aren't a genius, then probably. But Sig's percentage of students on the A and B honor rolls is much higher than most schools--at least part of this can be attributed, not to grade inflation, but improved learning habits.

  5. The EVSC is planning deep budget cuts. Why not cut Signature?
  6. Contrary to the popular belief, the EVSC's budget crisis is not a result of Signature School or Sig going to charter status! Sure, if Signature were to vanish overnight and all its students were to attend EVSC schools, the EVSC would receive more money from the state; but it would also have to hire more teachers (fyiEVSC teacher salaries average $41,800 ), resulting in a zero-sum game. Looking just at the charterization of Signature, it actually SAVED the EVSC money! Not only did the EVSC not need to hire as many teachers at the home schools, but also the EVSC no longer has to pay for operational costs of Sig--bussing, teachers, administrators, heating, plumbing, etc.

  7. I heard Signature gets the same amount of money per student as any other high school. If so, why isn't Sig in financial trouble?
  8. As just a student, I don't know how tight Sig's budget is. But it's clear to see that Sig spends frugally: Sig has no full-time nurse (the health teacher has a nursing certificate, though), no regular janitorial staff (the students don't trash the school and everyone helps clean up to some degree), or school-funded extracurriculars (all sports are funded by the students, the musical MAKES money, and the yearbook was funded through early sales and teacher support). If the EVSC schools could feasibly cut their budgets down to the barebones, like Sig, they wouldn't have such a financial strain.


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