Tuesday, January 28, 2003

as requested: EVSC cuts

Reported by WFIE's site, the EVSC Board Makes Quick Work of Budget Cuts:

1) Eliminating media specialists in grades K-8
(22 positions affected)

2) Eliminate middle school counselor aides
(4 positions affected)

3) Cuts in nursing program put together by administration

4) Eliminate driver's education program
(11 positions affected)

5) Eliminate instrumental programs in grades K-5
(9 positions affected)

6) Consolidate Stanley Hall to Bosse High School and Christa McAuliffe to Glenwood Middle School

7) Insurance committee's recommendations

8) Special Education savings

9) Eliminate high school laundry aides
(5 positions affected)

10) Eliminate all field trips that are paid for out of General Fund

11) Savings in Information Systems area
(5 positions affected)

12) Reduction in personnel in Supportive Services area
(30 positions affected)

13) Elimination of specialists in grades 5-12
(5 positions affected)

14) Savings in secretarial expenditures

15) Elimination of clerical aides in grades 4,5
(8 positions affected)

16) Reduction of instructional supervisor by half day

17) Elimination of responsibility stipend for coordinators, psychologists and counselors

18) Part-time employees and paraprofessionals will be provided with employee-only health insurance

19) Reduction in supply budget

20) 1 work day reduction

21) Eliminate supervisor of athletics

22) Eliminate all ECA stipends

23) Eliminate summer band extended contracts

Revenue Enhancements:

1) $20 service fee for each student
(pending referendum to be determined)

2) Request board to consider reducing board expenditures
(to be determined)

3) $60 a week for full-day kindergarten
(pending referendum to lower to $20 per week)

GRAND TOTAL: $11,045,000

Initial observations: although many parents attended the open meeting to lobby for specific programs to be spared from budget cuts, the board surprisingly approved these cuts unanimously in 12 minutes. The brutal efficiency of democratic centralism in action.

More commentary to come later. Right now, I have a test to prepare for, a lab to write up, a new chapter in Chemistry to read, and other stuff I don't have time to list. I promise an update later tonight.


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