Tuesday, January 14, 2003

And you though Hamlet: The Rehearsal was bad...

The AP English Language classes at Sig attended
    Hamlet: The Rehearsal
Friday at The Centre put on by the University of Wisconsin. While some students found the play fascinating, I am proof that even charter schools have some "uncultured minds." I know that at least four people in my immediate viscinity fell asleep. Bad play. I didn't learn anything that I didn't know from watching the video. But if you thought Hamlet Friday was bad, check this out, reported by Yahoo:

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - "The air bites shrewdly, it is very cold" -- in the original setting in Elsinore castle in Denmark, Shakespeare's Hamlet would have good reason to complain about the winter weather.

But with temperatures dropping toward minus 40, Hamlet is likely to freeze when the tragedy opens in the new Ice Globe Theater in Jukkasjrvi far above the Arctic circle in Sweden.

The drama, featuring a Sami cast with Nils Henrik Buljo in the leading role, will be shorter than the original.

"We have been forced to cut the play to one hour and 15 minutes. At minus 38 it is impossible to stand outside for four hours," said Rolf Degerlund, who calls himself the world's only ice theater manager.

Full Text.

At least I wouldn't fall asleep in the arctic chill.


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