Thursday, December 12, 2002


The Eville CAP reports Evansville Could be More Park Friendly Soon:

Evansville could soon become a city within a park. The Evansville Parks and Recreation Board unveiled its new master plan for the next five years. New parks on the edge of the city could become a reality and they could somehow all be linked.

The EPRB already has plans to build spray parks in place of the never used Tepe and Helfrich pools. Good idea.

I vaguely remember independently coming up with a similar parkizing plan in 8th grade, writing a letter to the mayor for an English assignment. I mentioned two things:

1) Evansville's parks need to be unified
2) The West Side needs some parks

At the time I was not aware of Howell Park by Reitz HS. Still, Howell is hardly accessible from where I live. If some connection were made between USI and the other parks in Evansville, "my quality of life would greatly increase."

Bravo to the EPRB. Hopefully their plan will be a success.


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