Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Let's all do the Al Gore Macarena!

Gore Scores with Best 'SNL' Season Ratings

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - First he won the popular vote; now Al Gore has won the Nielsen race as well.

NBC's Dec. 14 edition of "Saturday Night Live," hosted by the former vice president, scored the sketch show's best household ratings of the season in the top "metered" markets, and ranked as its best performance since last February (an episode hosted by Britney Spears).

I have to say, Gore has a much better sense of humor now. I saw him on Leno the other night and he was hilarious. One time he described how after the court decision to bar the vote recount in Florida was issued, he got an offer from Monsters.com--"Hi, I am former Vice-President Al Gore, and I'm out of a job."

Or another commercial offer Gore talked about receiving was from some restaurant. He would have been counting the number of chicken fingers (or something similar) he got...and recounting....and recounting...haha.

It's a disappointment that Gore won't run in 2004. I didn't especially support him in 2000 but now he seems more personable. Not only would he have been a candidate capable of toppling Bush, even if he lost the Democratic nomination at least he could throw his support to the eventual Democratic candidate, further unifying the Democratic vote. But Gore has his one reasons for not seeking election, and we have to respect that.


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