Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Let it snow!

Yesterday, Phuc wore red duct tape flip flops ("Long live Chairman Mao!"); the prophet Lynch interpreted this as a sign that there would be enough snow today to cancel school. As it turns out, Lynch did not miss predicting a snow day ever, until last year. Lynch the Prophet/Weatherman was right again about today, or at least half right.

Ms. Snyder dismissed us after lunch, as around one inch of snow had collected on the ground. As I'm typing this up, snow continues to fall.

While the amount of snow forced an impromptu half day, the fact that Ms. Synder ended school early came as a surprise; just yesterday she announced that Signature School would not follow the EVSC's cancellation and delay announcements. Signature would have its own announcements, so as to ensure that classes could continue on days when there wasn't a lot of snow but the EVSC cancelled school anyway.

Strangely enough, the EVSC had a full day today. Why did Snyder let us out but the EVSC keep school in session full day? Signature School has the unique situation of not having any students ride a bus system home--all the students either drive, carpool, walk, or have their parents pick them up. Since Signature is in downtown Evansville, the roads are not in optimized condition--there are too many roads downtown to salt and plow them all. The combination of most everyone riding in cars and the downtown roads not being clear means that Sig students are at a much higher risk, percentage-wise, than EVSC students for getting into snow-caused accidents (which Evansville had plenty of today).

Driving home today I slid twice by the Civic Center alone. But I'm OK, so don't worry :)

Signature's independent cancellation and delay system is a great idea, not only so that classes can continue but also to ensure less traffic accidents for its students.

Long live Principal Snyder!


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