Tuesday, December 10, 2002


The Eville Courier and Press today printed all the local high schools' ISTEP passing rates. Signature School's sophomores all passed! A 100% passing rate for both language and math sections!!!!!

Ok so maybe that's not so exiciting. The ISTEP isn't all that difficult to pass if you try anyhow. But comparatively, Sig set a good precedent. Instead of following the EVSC's path (less than 70% of sophomores passing), Signature has gone further than even Evansville Day School (which has a 96% language, 100% math passing rate). Although I don't think Sig's class of 05 is amazing, it did what it needed to--not something I could say for any of the EVSC schools.

Another thing that the article mentions is

Research shows that average scores on standardized tests, such as ISTEP, are related to family income with the highest scores coming from highest-income areas.

Interesting. An income/achievement gap definitely exists on the SAT, but even on the simple ISTEP? The combination of horrible passing rates and the presence of an income/achievement gap shows how badly the EVSC and Indiana education as a whole need to reform.


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