Wednesday, December 11, 2002

A Great Injustice: My Finals

I am in a very select group of students at Sig who were FOOOOOOOOLISH enough to sign up for AP Calc and AP Chem in 1st and 2nd periods. The Final Exam schedule has been released on the Signature website, and we have back-to-back Calc-Chem finals, arguably the two toughest classes I know of at Sig. Last time we had back-to-back Calc-Chem chapter tests, our Calc class ended up 10% lower than the 4th period, nonAPChem-taking Calc class. Hm. Might have something to do with how everyone stays up the whole night studying for Mr. Thread's test but then falls asleep as they start to study Calc.

"It seems like God is on Mr. Thread's side."

Anyhow, finals are next week. Gotta get cracking.

*yeah, I know. I used to never cram for finals. Never until this year.


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