Friday, December 20, 2002


Me, Phuc, and Phuc's dad all got speeding tickets in the past three months. Now the Evill CAP reports Evansville police officers to get new wheels:

Evansville residents can expect to see more police cars on the roads and in their neighborhoods in 2003.

The city's police department received permission Wednesday to seek bids on about 44 new police cars, Chief Dave Gulledge said. Some of the cars will replace old cars, others will allow more officers to take their cars home after work.

I'm sorry, but even if more police cars will make people feel safer because of the greater visibility of the prescense of police, I just cannot support this decision. The entire system of speeding tickets is corrupt to me, and until the police department gets a more legitimate means of finance I can't support any new spending by the police. Search on Google for: speeding ticket quotas. Interesting reads....


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