Friday, November 08, 2002

Putting the Steam Back Into Chirac's Stride

France's Dream World- November 3, 2002.

That's a great article on France. Basically it tries to explain why pipsqueek France has been trying to delay the US's push to pass Iraq resolutions through the UN Security Council. Not only does France hold veto power, but now Jacques Chirac has been going on a Gaullist rampage. America shouldn't take it personally, apparently France has been bullying other countries recently as well.

After France's elections earlier this year, the Socialists were annihiliated; consequently Socialist Lionel Jospin lost his postition as Prime Minister and the center-right Gaullist party and Chirac no longer have to deal with a cohabitation of a split dual executive. Now that pushing issues in the foreign arena is assured of domestic backing, Chirac has been much more active. He managed to even make the isolated German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder approve the EU Common Agricultural Policy, which heavily subsidizes farmers in the EU (read: French farmers. Yes, those same French farmers who are attacking McDonalds).

Unfortunately for Chirac, even domestic unity does not give him enough strength to stand up to US hegemony. EXCEPT in the mini-world of the UN Security Council. In France's perfect little world, it's say matters as much as the US's. The longer France prolongs negociations and inspections in Iraq, the longer it gets to feel powerful, standing up against the United States in the political arena. As soon as the bombs start dropping, France will go back to its old self--powerless to deal with the US, contenting itself with bullying its European neighbors.

Sorry France, but I think Bush is going to wake you up soon.


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