Saturday, October 26, 2002

The Week at Signature in Review

And now for an update for the events at Signature this week:

This Wednesday Signature School's AP Chem class attended the 2nd Annual Mole Day (6.602*10^23) competition at USI. Will Eimer, Pat Blandford, and I took part in the actual competition and received 2nd place next to Castle High School. Castle did amazingly well. After the opening questions, we never closed within 5 pts of Castle. Mr. Thead has threatened to nitpick my lab reports in retribution for missing the "How many electrons are in an orbital?" question. But after having him harass me nonstop about that question I now know that the answer is a resounding I mean 2.

Last period Wednesday Ms. Snyder informed the students that Signature School's teachers are filing a lawsuit against the EVSC to postpone a deadline for teachers to decide if they want to rejoin the EVSC, because they may lose all their retirement benefits if they sever themselves from the EVSC.

The rights in question include such items as retirement benefits, accrued sick days and personal leave days, 403-B (the equivalent of the 401(k) plans in private business) and transfer rights.

This lawsuit won't affect how Signature operates, but it plays a large role in establishing future EVSC-Signature relationships. Read this Evansville CAP article for more info.

Thursday most of the school remained uninformed that two sniper suspects had been apprehended. But the news spread quickly. Check out the latest sniper news.

Friday Sig held its first dance as a charter school at the CK Newsome Center. Some notable costumes for the Halloween Dance: two Quailmen (from the cartoon "Doug"), the Seven Deadly Sins, two M&M's (both whose names are Emily), and a druid/monk/padawan/something, and someone who dressed up as me (no, I wasn't a lazy bum and not dress up. Elliot made a Sibo mask and brought a tennis racquet). The live band was OK; some of their reditions of Weezer and The Hives were pretty good, but some of their songs just didn't do much for me. Overall the dance was slow to start because everyone showed up late; and after some good songs a long string of bad rap songs chased most of the students into either the atrium or the lobby. I personally left with a group to go to IHOP. I got a speeding ticket, but that's another story.

If you liked the Halloween Dance, please buy a Winter Formal ticket this coming week. If not enough tickets are sold by Friday then the dance will have to be cancelled due to lack of funds!

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