Sunday, October 20, 2002

Signature Speech

Signature's long-awaited first forensics competition was attended at North's debate meet today. In first place, Signature School won sweepstakes by a sizable margin--in large part due to Signature's huge controversy squad and to the fact that North can't place at their own meet. Anyhow, in Controversy, Phuc Nguyen got 5th, 3rd was Rob Russel, 2nd was Amanda Niehaus, and 1st was Saiga, all from Sig. In novice LD, Rollin Reisinger tied for 2nd (side note: Melody's novice at Reitz won 1st). In novice Policy, Elliot Thornton and Emilie Wasserman got 5th. Paradoxically, they received 3rd and 2nd speaker awards, respectively. In varsity Policy, Alex Reising and Sibo Lin won 3rd and Sibo received 5th speaker award. Amy Reitz and Nirav Shah won 1st. Amy won 2nd speaker and Nirav won 6th. In Congress Chrissi Gentry won 1st.

Overheard at the tourney: "got kentucky?" "funding: a 2% increase on peanut taxes" "unfortunately you received an econ major for your judge" "if I were to go crazy and kill Nirav, that would NOT be significant" "I have 1,2,3...5 off-case attacks" "I have responses. 9 responses"


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