Friday, October 18, 2002

Grades at Sig School

Today in last period we received our report cards for the 1st nine-week grading period. For me, the only problem was a computer glitch that said my GPA was a 3.5. I've heard complaints about grading in Computer Science, Multimedia, and Health class though.

Despite all that, grades at Signature School are phenomenal. 76% of all freshmen have either an A or B average. 73% of sophomores and 73% of juniors have an A or B average. 76% of all seniors have avoided senioritis and earned an A or B average. Compare this to the figures at the EVSC schools...Sig School has an average GPA roughly 30 times higher.

But before breaking out the champagne, let's examine this figure closer. Is the 75% of the school that is on the A or B honor roll receiving good grades, or earning them? Critics of Sig School will no doubt ask this question. My honest answer, as a student, is that I've personally "received" some undeserved A's--but in general I've had to work hard to earn my grades.

In Comparative Government, I've been drowsy frequently lately. I don't participate much in class, except when no one else does and there is an awkward silence; that's when I step up and take one for the team. Otherwise I remain inanimate throughout class.

Spanish, while fun, hasn't really taught me much yet. Sure, I've done well on all of the tests in there, but we haven't covered that much new material; I haven't learned anything new. That's like giving me an A in AP Chemistry for me passing Chemistry I level tests.

And AP Computer Science...that class has been horribly instructed. I passed both of our tests effortlessly, but WE HAVE LEARNED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in there. So far APCS has been a free period. We get to mess around on computers and do our Calculus homework in there.

So in Comparative Gov, I haven't worked that hard to receive an A. In Spanish and APCS, I've done as much as one can do, but the courses haven't required an "A effort" out of me yet.

That said, Calculus, AP Chemistry, Physics, and English have actually taught me a few things this year, and I've had to work quite a bit in those classes. I'm very proud to have retained my 4.0 despite taking Mr. Thread's AP Chem class. I've never had to work so hard JUST FOR HOMEWORK. Thank you Mr. Thread. And in Calculus, this year is the first that I've had to seriously concentrate in class. English has been thought provoking and just reviewing how to diagram sentences helped my PSAT writing immensely (or so I think. I'll find out for sure in December).

So, overall Signature School has made me earn my A's. Keep in mind that those classes that I've lazed through and still gotten an A may be challenging for other students in the class. Other students are definitely being challenged. Signature School is no fluke, learning is going on, and grades are NOT inflated. Want proof? Just wait 'til December...


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