Sunday, October 06, 2002

Be a Mentor

Signature has just implemented the mentorship program, which pairs veteran seniors/juniors with freshman to help them get used to Sig. In seminar on Friday, all the mentors met their freshmen, and chatted for a bit. As one of the three juniors in the mentor program, I have to say it's nice to chat with some of the freshmen. Just chat. It doesn't seem like they really need much "mentoring", though I suppose I could do that too if my padawan (waddup Wesley?!) asked. Seriously though, I think it's fun to talk to freshmen (they aren't as bad as we make them out to be, honest). Since most people at Sig are friendly, and I don't have any classes with freshmen, it's a fun opportunity to make new buddies. I already recruited some freshmen for the girls tennis team, hehe.

So what implications will the mentorship program have this year? I predict it will be a great step toward upper/lower classmen integration, mirroring the golden age of interclass relations two years ago when the freshmen (my class) and the sophomores (now seniors) were buddy-buddy.

As an offshoot of the mentorship program, what if we had integrated seminar groups?


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