Friday, September 06, 2002

Yay Kelly!

I called it ever since she belted out an awe-inspiring "Respect" a la Aretha. Kelly Clarkson is now our American Idol.

I'm not sure how Fox pulled it off, having a hit show like this. Most people I know who watched American Idol over the summer don't even like pop music (I prefer rock myself). But last night I sat in front of the TV, enthralled in this beautiful voice singing an elegant, albeit cheesy, single: A Moment like This.

Fox 7's poll tonight said only 53% of tri-staters thought Kelly would continue to be a star, while 47% said she would be a flash in the pan. That's absurd, considering how often A Moment like This is played over and over and over on 96.1 and 106.1, the two major pop stations in Evansille. And Yahoo estimates that 22.5 million viewers listened to the American Idol finale. Kelly will succeed, I'm calling it again. Even if she doesn't sing rock.


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