Saturday, September 21, 2002

The Week in Review

Sorry for not updating in a while, but school is starting to get tough (chem and calc at least). Coincidentally, this week at Sig has been pretty eventful.

Wednesday, Ms. Snyder came over the intercom a few minutes before school started to call a last-minute faculty meeting...for what, we had no idea. But in first period, Ms. Snyder called the students to the Victory for an assembly, and we quickly learned what was discussed at the faculty meeting: cracking down on the rebels at Sig. Snyder laid it out plain and simple to the Signature students who did not follow the "Signature Way"--"if you don't like it here, then leave." With Signature's faltering PR, and the tenous charter rules that force Signature to accept any and all applicants, Snyder took a risky, but calculated step toward recovering normality at Signature.

I think this is a great move...I've heard stories of students backtalking highly-respected (by most students anyhow) teachers, students annoying other students, and even students drilling holes into their textbooks...some of those people obviously don't belong to Signature. Charter law forces Signature to accept all applicants, but it doesn't prevent Signature from expelling students...

Friday was senior and junior picture day--unfortunately it was raining and the pictures were taken in the Loft across the street...our hair and clothes were wet, but things went alright. Afterschool, the weekly tennis meet at Wesselman's continued despite the wet courts; my shoes got soaked, but it was awesome. I just regret Ms. Hawley not showing up again--she didn't expect us to be hardcore enough to play in the rain I guess.

Today, lots of us (~25%) went to the Susan B. Komen Race for the cure, and it was amazing. The only other time I've seen that many Evansvillese in one gathering was the Fall Festival. Though some students ran the full 5k, most mosied for the cure. Like many other students, I got an hour of community service in.

One of the main reasons why so many of us raced for the cure (besides helping cancer research and getting community service hours) was the good chance to win the WSTO high school contest: the local high school with the highest percent of student participation would win a dance put on by WSTO. Signature had a great chance to win, because as a small school, getting a large percentage of the students to race was much easier than, say, at Reitz (where 25% of the student population would be around 250 students).

In the end, Signature was defeated by the very small school-large percentage advantage that we relied upon. Day School won the WSTO contest with a whopping 65% of their students racing for the cure. Since they only have 60 or so students, that 65% was probably a breeze for them. But still, 65%, that's a good job.

Once again, I'll try to refrain from weeklong breaks in updating in the future.


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