Saturday, September 14, 2002

The Sum of All Minor Fears

In the movie "Sum of All Fears" a lost Israeli nuclear bomb is found by an impoverished Arab, who sells it to a renegade Russian. This loose nuke brings the US and Russia to the brink of nuclear holocaust.

Although on a much smaller scale, loose convential weapons in the former Soviet Union are pretty dangerous...Yahoo reports Scrap Worker Accidentally Fires Howitzer.

KIEV (Reuters) - A Ukrainian scrap metal worker destroyed two roofs and singed his face when he cut into a 1940s howitzer and accidentally fired off a shell no one had noticed was lodged inside, local media reported Thursday.

Ukraine, situated between Russia and an expanding European Union has a huge arsenal of rusting weapons, which often end up in the country's dozens of scrap yards.

Also, Missile-Shaped Soft Drink Blasts Off.

SOFIA (Reuters) - Sales of a new Bulgarian soft drink have rocketed since its launch two weeks ago, with consumers snapping up the bottles shaped like the ex-Soviet missiles which the country is now seeking to destroy.

The destruction of NATO hopeful Bulgaria's ballistic missile arsenal has been a hot topic of conversation in the small Balkan country amid fears that dismantling the rockets could trigger radiation leaks or even earthquakes.

One company seeking to capitalize on the issue has produced a new line of fruit-flavored soft-drink and packaged them in rocket-shaped silver bottles.

"And I'm Proud to be an American...."


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