Thursday, September 26, 2002

L33t Poisonwood Bible

The AP English Language and Composition Language has finished its first unit, dominated by reading and analyzing The Poisonwood Bible.

*if clicked, the image links to Poisonwood Sparknotes, which are excellent.

I personally played a violin medley that represented each narrator in Poisonwood, but some people made online projects. George made Rachel's Long Lost Journal.

Pat made this AWESOME Flash movie, which reminds me of the L33t Romeo and Juliet (only much quicker to load, hehe). Go here to look at it. It will crack you up. I have to say, I enjoyed this year's projects more than last years, when we just made posters on random books. And the bus ran over my posters and I received a low grade because of that. Rahr.

UPDATE [9:55 PM]: Shanky's Flash movie is now up too, check it out here!


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