Thursday, September 26, 2002

High Tech

Thanks to Pat for the following story:

France to unveil air- powered car

Engineers in France believe they have come up with the answer that environmentalists and economists have spent years searching for: a commercially viable, 100% non-polluting car, which costs next to nothing to run. The latest vehicle is said to have come on leaps and bounds from the early model we drove. It is said to be much quieter, a top speed of 110 km/h (65 mph), and a range of around 200 km before you need to fill the tanks up with air.

The car comes fitted with its own compressor so you can fill up at home. But that would take four hours.

The company has developed the technology to refill the vehicle in three minutes, although there are no service station forecourts with the compressed air machines to do that yet.

And the cost? Cyril Negre, the head of Research and Development at MDI cars, reckons a full tank of air would be about 1.50 euros. And for that you can drive knowing that you are pumping nothing harmful into the atmosphere.

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