Monday, September 30, 2002

Conclusive Proof

Charter schools have come under fire for taking funds away from regular public schools. Signature School is no exception; earlier this year the EVSC superintendent blamed the EVSC's budget problems partially on Sig School. I previously posted several thorough refutations of McCandless's accusation, but today the Evansville Courier and Press presented some conclusive proof that Signature School has not caused the EVSC budget crisis.

Evansville-Vanderburgh schools have 23,127 students this year, 27 more than last year.

That's only about a one-tenth of 1 percent change, too small to have any significance.

If the EVSC student population has not gone down, they are receiving the same amount of funds they received before. Except now they don't have to pay for Signature School operating costs. The EVSC has MORE money to spend this year that last!

This ends my intermittent rants on the EVSC's ignorance of the real cause of their budget crisis (their poor planning), and may this issue rest in peace.


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