Tuesday, September 03, 2002

CCP: Crazy Columnist Party

Yahoo reports that China has blocked access to

An article posted on Web portal NetEase.com said Google was being blocked because searches could bring up links to pornography, content associated with the banned spiritual movement Falun Gong.

How insane is the Chinese Communist Party? Any properly motivated "subversive" could still access Google search results by using Yahoo--whose search engine is powered by Google--and is not blocked. But what makes the CCP's move have even less sanity is that this move further discourages Internet businesses from starting up in China. The Chinese market is huge, but the risk of being blocked by the CCP in a whimiscal decision is too great.

Let's all hope the CCP will be less restrictive under who? Under Hu. (inside joke to Lynch and Lynch's comparative gov classes, harhar)


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