Sunday, September 08, 2002

The Case Against a Signature Mascot: Extensions

In case you haven't heard, Signature School is voting on a mascot. The promised case against a Signature mascot is here.

Pro-mascots think that my sole reason for opposing a Signature mascot is just to be non-conformist. "Just because it's mainstream doesn't mean it's bad," noted Daniel Wallace, who supports the Signature Dragons. In reality, I have no intention of dressing Sig in all black or spiking its proverbial hair just to stand out of the crowd. The only reason why I oppose a Signature mascot is because I want Sig to remain focused on learning.

The mission of the Sig School Charter is "to meet the needs of self-motivated learners in a progressive environment driven by global concerns. We emphasize rigor and excellence in academics, the arts, and integrated technologies."

Where does a mascot fit in the "progressive learning environment"?? Our class rings may be dazzling with an inscribed dragon (I think a mascotless ring would actually look better), but a mascot won't help us learn any. We might as well be the Signature Hot Babes if we wanted an impressive class ring.

Arguably, school spirit is an integral part of the PLE. I totally agree. But currently there are few complaints about Sig School. It would not be an overestimation that more than 95% of the students at Sig enjoy attending Sig. What better way to support our school than to continue to refer to ourselves as simply, yet eloquently, "sig schoolers"? Why should we refer to ourselves by some random creature, mythical or not? A mascot would not increase our school spirit; if anything, it'd distract us from our pride in the actual school.

If we had to have a mascot, it should convey a message beyond just "We're strong and swift" (we don't have major sports teams; and all mascots are strong and swift anyways). At least the Signature Phoenixes has a deeper, although cheesier, meaning than "the dragons" (we are big, scaly, and breathe fire!). If we were really brave, the Signature Barbarians or the Signature Noble Platypi (plural of platypus) would provide a strong satirical message to other schools about how trivial their mascots are. I'm serious.

I'm interested in hearing a counterpoint...leave a comment please.


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