Wednesday, September 04, 2002


The Evansville Courier & Press reprinted an article today from an Associated Press (not to be confused for Advanced Placement) writer, reporting that "Study: Charter students trail peers."

Charter school students were anywhere from a half year to a full year behind their public school peers, researchers at the Brookings Institution concluded after reviewing 1999-2000 reading and math achievement test scores of 376 charter schools in 10 states.

Of course the ECP wouldn't have printed that story to discredit Sig School right? Right...the ECP just happened to print this story on their cover page. Maybe they were informing us about the remedial charter schools in central Indiana? (Ok--probably not) Regardless of the ECP's intentions, a point of clarification: Signature School does not fit the model of the AP report. The report concedes (albeit on the "...Continued from A1" page):

Researchers found that scores of urban charter school students were no worse than others but suburban and rural charter schools had much lower scores. what's the importance of the AP report at all?? It's a national trend that suburban and rural schools in general have lower test scores! Maybe I should write an AP report: "Study finds more farmers in Indiana than other states."

So in spite of the AP report, I hearby propose a study to be conducted after the PSAT is administered this fall. And I promise: Sig School will have a higher average PSAT score. BREAKING NEWS: SIG SCHOOL SLAPS THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


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